Commercial Water Heaters

You depend on your commercial water heater even more than your residential water heater. After all, you could always shower at the gym or a friend’s, but you need your commercial water heater to operate your business. Depend on Desert Edge Plumbing, the commercial water heater company of choice in Ogden, for all your commercial water heater needs. 

Commercial Water Heater Repair

Whether you’re operating a hotel, restaurant, laundromat or another type of establishment at which hot water is a necessity, when you need commercial water heater repair, you need it right away. That’s the time to call in Desert Edge Plumbing of Ogden. 

Business owners are likely aware that if their commercial water heater is not functioning properly and the Board of Health stops by for an unscheduled visit, you could be shut down. You need hot water to properly clean dishes and laundry, countertops and bathrooms, and so much more. 

Our commercial water heater repair company prioritizes emergencies with same-day service. 

Commercial Water Heater Replacement

Although commercial water heater repair is often possible, sometimes it isn’t, and that’s when you need water heater replacement. 

If your business has grown at all since you last had commercial water heater replacement, you may want to upgrade to a larger, more powerful and more efficient water heater. Commercial water heaters come in different sizes and have different BTU ratings and are often available in light, medium or heavy-duty models. Our commercial water heater replacement company can assist you in determining which one will best suit your needs. 

Commercial Water Heater Installation

When you sign a lease to open a new business, there may already be a working commercial water heater on the premises. But if there isn’t, or the one that’s there is inadequate, call our commercial water heater installation company. 

It’s critical to correctly determine the size of the commercial water heater you will need for your business. Getting a commercial water heater installed that is too small and causes you to continually run out of hot water will impact your business and cost you further in commercial water heater replacement. 

We can help you choose the right size commercial water heater based on the volume of water you expect to use daily. Although you may have heard that tankless water heaters are not appropriate for high usage, commercial tankless water heaters are different. In some cases, businesses can save money by installing several commercial tankless water heaters side by side. 


If you own a business in Ogden, count on Desert Edge Plumbing for the best in commercial water heater repair, replacement and installation.