Toilet Repair, Replacement and Installation

A toilet is a must-have, whether at home or in the office, so when you’re having problems with your toilet, call Desert Edge Plumbing for help. We provide toilet repair, replacement and installation to residential and commercial customers throughout the Ogden area. 

We install and stock parts for every major toilet brand

What Can Go Wrong with a Toilet

When a toilet overflows, it’s the worst. It’s a horrible mess to clean up, and it’s hazardous. It can be terrifying to watch the toilet contents rise to the top as you are` unable to avoid the inevitable. If you’re a quick thinker, you can pull the lid off the tank and lift the float, which will temporarily stop the water flow. If you can, while holding the float up, reach down and turn the valve behind the toilet off. Sometimes these are hard to turn or stuck, so check yours from time to time and spray a lubricant on it if necessary. 

A toilet clog that cannot be plunged away may need snaking by a professional plumber. If your toilet is hopelessly clogged, or it clogs frequently, contact Desert Edge Plumbing of Ogden for toilet repair. 

We also get calls for toilet repair from customers whose toilets are running or ghost flushing. Both of these problems can waste many gallons of water, so when you notice either, call us for toilet repair. 

Toilet Replacement

Most often, toilet replacement is part of a remodel. Homeowners getting new sinks and tubs want new toilets to match. Or, if they have a particularly old toilet, they may want to replace it with a newer, low-flow toilet that uses fewer gallons per flush. Our commercial customers may want to replace ordinary toilets with commercial toilets, which can handle heavier use. 

Toilet Installation

If you’re building a new home, adding a bathroom or building out a space in a commercial building, call Desert Edge Plumbing of Ogden for toilet installation. Our plumbers can go over with you the types of toilets we install and what we think would match your needs best. 

Much can go wrong with toilet installation. Have you ever sat on a toilet that rocks back and forth? This is a sign that the flange is not level — a common mistake with amateur toilet installers. Much worse are errors in installation that can lead to contamination of drinking water. Don’t take chances — rely on Desert Edge Plumbing of Ogden for all your residential and commercial toilet installations. 

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