Shower & Tub Repair, Replacement and Installation

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary — the place where you can go to take a nice, long, hot shower or bath and relax and unwind after a hard day. But if your bathroom is a mess, it’s anything but relaxing. When you’re ready for a change, call Desert Edge Plumbing. We provide shower and tub repair, replacement and installation to residential and commercial customers throughout the Ogden area. 

We install and stock parts for every major shower and tub brand

Common Issues with Tubs & Showers

Ogden homes and businesses such as hotels have a wide variety of different types of tubs and showers. In old homes, you may have a cast iron tub covered in enamel. Many homes have acrylic tubs and shower surrounds today, or acrylic tubs with tile on the shower walls. 

Similarly, tubs in bathrooms with tile walls must have caulking between the tub and the wall to prevent water from seeping behind the tub. Over time, caulking will crack and need to be replaced. If it isn’t done swiftly, mold damage can result. 

When you need tub or shower repair at your home or commercial business, such as sealing, caulking, faucet repair, etc., rely on the plumbers at Desert Edge. 

Tub & Shower Replacement

When the tub and shower at your home, hotel or other establishment gets too grungy to come clean anymore, it’s time for tub and shower replacement. Many times, this job is easy because we can simply install a new tub and shower surround over the old. However, this job must be done by experienced plumbers to avoid buckling, puckering and leaking. 

Your options for tub and shower replacement are many — there are thousands of combinations available. You may want to rip out your old shower surround and replace it with tile, or you may prefer a new acrylic shower surround. 

When you need many tub and shower replacements, such as in a lodging facility or school dorm, the most cost-effective method is to choose a new acrylic tub and shower surround to be installed over the old. 

Tub & Shower Installation

If you’re building a new bathroom at home or remodeling the one you have, or you’re a business owner who is building or remodeling a new commercial space with bathrooms, call Desert Edge Plumbing in Ogden for tub and shower installation. Our experts can talk to you about what types of choices you have in your price range. We have years of experience with all makes and models of tubs and showers, and we know which hold up best under heavy use and still look nice after many years. 

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