Sewer Line Cleaning

If you have a sink clog in your kitchen or bathroom, you may need a plumber to help you remove it. But if all the drains in your kitchen and bathroom are slow or no water is going down, or if you hear gurgling noises when you flush your toilets, you need sewer line cleaning. Depend on Desert Edge Plumbing for residential and commercial sewer line cleaning services in Ogden. 

How Your Sewer Lines Should Function

If you could see the pipes in your home through your walls, you would see that most of your water pipes are thin and narrow like a garden hose, while the pipes that carry wastewater away from your home are larger. 

You can see the drainpipe under your sink, and if you go down to the basement, you will likely be able to find your main sewer pipe, which is large in diameter. All the waste in your home from all the sinks, toilets and showers ends up in this main pipe, which takes it either to the town or city sewer pipe in the street or to your septic system. 

How Sewer Pipes Become Blocked

Unfortunately, this pipe sometimes becomes blocked. It can be blocked by things you put down the drain, such as grease, starchy or poorly ground food particles from your garbage disposal, hair, or more frequently, items such as tissues, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, dental floss and toys your children flush down the toilet when you’re not looking. 

Tree roots are also a common culprit when it comes to sewer pipe clogs. Tree roots can penetrate sewer pipes, causing the sewage to spill into the surrounding area. They can also grow into the pipe and block it, or they can grow around the pipe and break it.

Sewer Line Cleaning Service in Ogden

When you have a blocked sewer pipe at your home or business, call us for sewer line cleaning service. We have the tools to clear clogs from sewer pipes and get them open again. 

When your clog is due to tree roots, you need drain cleaning service. Today, drain cleaning service refers to any unblocking of a sewer pipe, but it used to refer to clearing roots from your sewer pipe. If there are roots inside your pipe, we will need to use an auger to cut them out to restore the free flow of sewage through the pipe. 

If the roots have already done serious damage to your sewer pipe, you will need to have that section of pipe dug up and replaced. However, for this job we use sewer line cameras to pinpoint exactly where the clog or break is. This saves you time and money. 

When you need sewer line cleaning services in the Ogden area, call Desert Edge Plumbing.

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