Sewer Line Services

Sewer Lines

If your sewer lines are working properly, you don’t think much about them. They’re under the ground where no one can see them, quietly carrying away all the sewage and dirty water your home or commercial business produces. However, when something goes wrong with your sewer lines, it can end in a disaster, such when raw sewage backs up into your home or businesses. The best way to avoid that is by calling Desert Edge Plumbing of Kaysville for sewer line cleaning as soon as you notice that your drains are running slower than they used to. 

Unfortunately, you don’t always get a warning for sewer backups — sometimes they just happen. At Desert Edge, we prioritize clients with emergencies by offering same-day service, so when you have a sewer backup, call us for drain cleaning service. We will quickly get your drains open and clear once again. 


Sewer Line Cleaning

re your drains running slowly? Does your toilet fail to flush fully? If so, you need sewer line cleaning service. Over time, sewer lines can become partially clogged, and these clogs can eventually lead to complete blockages and sewer backups. If you notice signs of trouble with your sewer lines, call the plumbers at Desert Edge. We provide sewer line cleaning service to residential and commercial customers throughout the Kaysville area. 

Sewer Line Camera Inspections

Do you panic when you think about the cost of sewer repairs? We don’t blame you, but we can help you control this cost with sewer line camera inspections. Until recently, the way to find a clog in a sewer pipe was by digging up your yard with a backhoe, unearthing the pipe and physically looking for roots, cracks and damage. Diagnosis and repair costs are in the thousands. But with sewer line camera inspections, we can pinpoint the location of the clog with our cameras. This saves tremendous cost and time. Contact Desert Edge Plumbing of Kaysville for sewer line camera inspections. 


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