Residential Plumbing Services

Many of the appliances in our homes use water, and for installation and repairs, you need a plumber. The plumbers at Desert Edge Plumbing have 30 years of experience with all matters of residential plumbing. When you need a plumber at your Ogden-area home, call the team at Desert Edge. 

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Residential Water Heater Repair

An unintentional cold shower can be a shock, and it’s harder to get dishes and laundry clean with cold water. When you need residential water heater repair, call Desert Edge. Residential water heaters usually last about 10 years and do not require much maintenance, so all you may need is an occasional water heater repair call or two in the lifetime of your appliance. 

Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage disposals were once a modern marvel, but now they are considered commonplace (except in New York, where they are still often prohibited). Garbage disposals need to be hooked up properly to plumbing & electrical, and that’s why garbage disposal installation is not considered a DIY project. 

The plumbers at Desert Edge can quickly and safely provide garbage disposal installation or replacement at your Ogden area home. If you have trouble with your garbage disposal that you can’t solve with the wrench or the reset button, call us for garbage disposal repair. 

Male plumber in uniform installing drain pipe in kaysville

Faucet Replacement

Faucets function for a good long time, but eventually they start to show their age and act up. That’s the time to call our plumbers for faucet replacement. 

Sometimes you just need faucet repair, such as new washers or a handle replacement, although many faucets today are washerless, so these repairs have become less common. More often, homeowners want faucet replacement because the faucet has built-up mineral stains or has otherwise become unattractive. 

Call our faucet repair company for all your faucet needs. 

Dishwasher installation

Like garbage disposals, dishwashers use both water and electricity, so professional dishwasher installation is a must. These appliances also need to be vented in order to work properly. 

Male plumber in uniform installing drain pipe in kaysville

Sink Clogs

If you have a sink clog or a toilet clog, call our plumbers. We can usually free the clog with a drain snake. Once we see what caused the sink clog, we can give you some advice about how to prevent another one, such as refraining from pouring fats down the drain or flushing items like tissues and dental floss. 

If more than one of your drains is clogged, you may need drain cleaning or sewer line cleaning at your Ogden home. Our drain cleaning company performs sewer line camera inspections to pinpoint where the clog is and save you money. 

Whenever you need residential plumber services, count on the professionals at Desert Edge. 

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