Commercial Plumbing Services

Your plumbing must function adequately in order for you to run your business, so when you have commercial plumbing problems, Desert Edge Plumbing is the place to call. We provide scheduled and same-day plumbing services to commercial businesses throughout the Ogden area. 

We Have New Water Heaters And Repair Parts In Stock In Our Trucks And Warehouses

Commercial Garbage Disposal Installation

We provide commercial garbage disposal installation to restaurants, cafeterias and other food service businesses throughout Ogden. 

Without a way to manage food waste or quickly clean your dishes, your business operations are at risk. A broken garbage disposal can cause a sink to back up, and this could get you shut down by the board of health. Call us for fast garbage disposal repair service. 

If we discover that your garbage disposal is not fixable, we will recommend garbage disposal replacement. A commercial garbage disposal can last about 10 years, depending on how much you use it. We can provide heavy-duty garbage disposal installation, so your dishwasher’s job will be easier and your kitchen will stay cleaner. 

Commercial Faucet Replacement

All businesses need restrooms and faucets, so all have a need for this service; however, hotels and other lodging establishments may have hundreds of faucets and thus need a dependable plumber for ongoing commercial faucet replacement. That’s Desert Edge Plumbing of Ogden. 

Commercial faucet replacement is necessary more often than residential faucet replacement, due to the volume of users. A faucet in a library or grocery store may get used hundreds of times per day, while at a health care facility or restaurant, the numbers are often in the thousands. Get commercial-grade faucet replacement to help your faucets last longer.

Sometimes, your business may just need faucet repair. A leaking faucet can cost you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year — even thousands if the leak progresses to a drizzle. Don’t wait — call Desert Edge Plumbing for faucet replacement or repair. 

Male plumber in uniform installing drain pipe in kaysville

Commercial Drain Cleaning

The water in Utah is especially hard, and the deposits that form in pipes narrow them, preventing them from carrying away dirty water. You’ll notice this progression in the form of slow-draining sinks and appliances such as dishwashers and clothes washers. When you call our commercial drain cleaning company in Ogden, we’ll get your drains open again so water flows quickly through them. 

If all your drains are slow, or if sewage is backing up anywhere on your property, you need commercial sewer line cleaning. We perform sewer line camera inspections to help pinpoint the area of the clog. This prevents the need for digging up your entire sewer line to inspect it manually. Commercial sewer line camera inspections save businesses thousands of dollars.

Best Commercial Plumber in Ogden

Not all plumbers have the capacity, experience or knowledge to perform commercial plumbing services. The plumbers at Desert Edge of Ogden have the training and the expertise to provide commercial plumbing services for small, medium and large companies. 

Depend on us when you need commercial plumbing services. We offer same-day service for emergencies — we want to help keep you in business. Contact us today. 

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